Consider location of biomass plant

Reader Input
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Re: “Board of supervisors continue to investigate use of biomass for renewable energy,” by Jennifer Montgomery and Jim Holmes, Placer County supervisors, Journal, May 9: While the guest column continues the confusion, stemming from false assumptions, that locating a biomass plant in Kings Beach will reduce air pollution and wildfires, more important is the following promise by the board: County staff is looking at the technological, societal, economic and environmental aspects. Those will dictate not only what size and location might be most suitable, but also, if such a facility would be feasible at all. If any one of these four components doesn’t make sense, then the project is unlikely to move forward. In our judgment, while “staff” is going to have a difficult time making sense out of any of these four aspects regarding the proposal for locating a plant in Kings Beach instead of Cabin Creek, we are particularly interested to see how they will deal with the topic of “societal aspects” since the Kings Beach proposal would locate the plant less than 1,000 feet from an elementary school, in the midst of a high-density residential area, closely surrounded by a thick forest and in a basin subject to air inversions. Cabin Creek, on the other hand, is outside of the basin in the middle of nowhere. Roger Patching, president/CEO, Friends of Lake Tahoe Friends of Lake Tahoe is a large coalition of local residents and non-resident property owners in the Lake Tahoe basin. It is a nonprofit, public-benefit, 501 C4 corporation.