Consider Smith’s history

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Consider the history of Auburn Recreation District incumbent Curtis Smith: Before election 2006, I questioned Smith closely about Smith’s support for building trails and for using ARD to improve people’s health. Knowing that my support would tell everybody that Smith thought like I did, Smith said he supported my efforts on both health and trails. That got Smith elected. But since then, Smith has only supported exercise pathways within easy walking distance of Smith’s own home, except for a trail that a developer wants built on ARD property to enhance the value of his development. Smith opposed the loop trail at Ashford Park, forest trails at Shockley Road, and scenic trails along Rock Creek. On health, my proposals have hardly been radical—adding “health” to the ARD mission statement, giving you, our constituents, the choice to eat healthy (or not) at ARD events and vending machines, requiring that food in ARD kids programs be at least as nutritious as pet food — but Smith opposed all my health proposals…100 percent. Smith also opposes surveying you, the voters, to document what you want from ARD. Apparently, knowing what Smith wants is good enough for Smith. Get your voice heard at ARD. Vote “No On Smith.” Gordy Ainsleigh, ARD Board of Directors