Consider the way of anarchy

Reader Input
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This letter is for the remnant of Americans who are fed up with the size and scope of government at every level. We are never going to have Constitutional government in this country, ever. We are never going to vote enough of the “bad guys” out and the “good guys” in to restore “limited government.” There are too many people who have never, and will never, read the U.S. Constitution. And there aren’t very many people who would understand it even if they did. Aside from that, there are way too many people in this country who are hopelessly entrenched in statist philosophy. Nobody who works for the government, contracts for the government or receives a welfare check from the government (businesses included) will ever vote for smaller government. There may be plenty of people who will vote for small government “rhetoric,” but never the real deal. This is why the Republicans have never and will never reduce the size of government. The true liberty-loving minority will always get slaughtered at the polls. No government can protect individual liberty. In fact, history has shown us that it is its greatest enemy. If you cherish freedom, the path lies in anarchism. Seth King, Bowman