Consolidate our fire protection

Reader Input
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I believe that we have a fire protection crisis in Placer County. My conclusion is based on the fact that every measure relating to fire protection funding in Placer County was defeated with the exception of Newcastle?s Measure B, which is now in the process of being recalled. As residents, we will still be assessed $150 per parcel by the state beginning this summer but we will have no say in regard to the services we may or may not receive. It seems to me that now is the time for Placer County residents to consider consolidating our fire departments into a Regional Fire District. This action would accomplish a number of positive and cost-cutting results. It would allow for: 1. A more equitable redistribution of fire facilities, fire equipment and fire personnel. 2. Consolidation of fire training programs and encourage, 3. Consolidation and specialization of fire prevention programs, i. e., hospital/ convalescent facilities/residential, commercial and arson. Other benefits would be fewer fire chiefs, fewer fire boards, less bureaucracy and a realistic operational chain of command. There is an old saying to ?allow the cream to come to the top.? In other words, a regional fire district that is both efficient and professional would allow Placer County to draw and retain the best of the best personnel to our county. Bill Peters, Newcastle