Consumers need professor

Reader Input
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I am glad to see that recent financial reform legislation calls for the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which will result in substantial new protections for consumers against the tricks and traps of financial products that cost families billions a year, and helped cause the financial crisis. Now, we need a dedicated leader to run this agency, and I urge the president to nominate Professor Elizabeth Warren for the job. Elizabeth Warren was one of the original architects and advocates of the concept of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and has shown a steadfast and tireless commitment to protecting consumers. Professor Warren has the knowledge, the expertise and the wisdom to lead an agency that will stand up not only for consumers, but for the economy as a whole. She will continue to protect Main Street while policing Wall Street. This position is not about party lines or biases — it’s about what we all need in order to make our economy more transparent and more secure. And Professor Warren has the independence to get the job done. This new agency was created because consumers deserve a regulator whose first priority is making sure consumers are treated fairly. In order for it to accomplish this goal, it needs a strong leader: it needs Elizabeth Warren. Wilma Guido, Auburn