Contraception policy persecutes many

Reader Input
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The Obama administration recently issued one of the most appalling mandates in our country’s history, requiring all employers to provide contraceptive, abortifacient and vasectomy insurance at no cost to their employees, even those religious institutions that believe these things to be morally wrong. His so-called accommodation, issued a week after the initial announcement, was pathetic, as if making the insurance companies cover these services was any help in the matter since the religious institutions would still be paying for the insurance. Considering how the ilk of Obama supporters treasure the idea of separation of church and state, it is interesting to see how they only want that separation to go one way ... no religious citizens or politicians having any say in political decisions (e.g. the recent letter to the editor decrying a religious candidate wanting to somehow impose a theocracy in our country — as if that were even possible). But, they don’t seem to think it a double-standard when the government tells religious institutions they have to do something. This leaves these institutions the choice of either violating their beliefs or canceling health insurance for all their employees (something I certainly don’t think is good for women’s health). While Obama supporters cry out that those that oppose this mandate want to keep women “barefoot and pregnant” and that there is currently some sort of “crisis” where women that want contraceptives just don’t have access to them. Let’s examine the truths of the real world situation: 1) Any woman that wants to have access to contraceptives can get them pretty easily. While not all insurance pays for them, they are affordable enough that most Americans that want them can afford them. 2) Supporters have always said that contraceptives would reduce unwanted pregnancies and make for stronger and happier marriages. The reality is that contraceptive use has increased the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Artificial contraceptives often fail, and the more you rely on them, the more chances you have for them to fail. Our country was founded and built by people escaping countries that practiced religious persecution, and now the religious are the ones being persecuted. Dean Wood, Auburn