Contrast huge on ‘60 Minutes’

Reader Input
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Did anyone else notice the dichotomy of the stories presented on “60 Minutes” Sunday (Nov. 6)? How Jack Abramoff almost bragged about how many congressmen/legislators he “owned” by granting extravagant gifts and favors. These cowardly, corrupt representatives allowed Abramoff to “control” their votes rather than represent the American people of their districts. Then, to see the integrity of all our patriotic servicemen/women who fought for the same country these congressmen/legislators represent returning from war without legs, arms, eyesight, or with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) due to the trauma of leaving their buddies behind when they were air-lifted out of danger, seems quite disunited from the integrity of our elected officials. Very sad. The dichotomy between the selfish, corrupt (lack of) integrity of these congressmen/legislators and the soldiers’ selfless service to community, state and nation is really very sad and pathetic. Kind of leaves me wondering what is really behind decisions made by our local representatives, whether it is at the planning commission level, the board of supervisors level, etc. Lari L. Knedel, Auburn