Corporate donors shielded

Reader Input
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During the recent midterm election, did you happen to hear political ads ending in the phrase “Paid for by American Crossroads” or “Crossroads GPS”? These two Karl Rove groups had the cash to be major players in this election. Approximately 75 percent of their money comes from undisclosed donors. In fact, 142 non-candidate groups in this election never disclosed any of their donors to the tune of $194 million. We can thank the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United vs. FEC, which now allows this secrecy. This will have far-reaching consequences to our American democracy: the corporate rich (onshore and foreign) who have their own agendas, can more effectively manipulate U.S. elections. Countries such as Saudi Arabia are playing in our elections. If you aren’t frightened, you should be. Trish Grenfell, Auburn