Corporations should pay, too

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I went to Congressman Tom McClintock’s Town Hall meeting last week and the main theme was cutting funds to “Obama-care” and how the deficit would be the demise of this country. We need to cut spending because we don’t have the money! Then someone asked him about the 61 corporations not paying a dime in taxes — zero. Remember the GOP mantra —”corporations pay the highest taxes! 35 percent”? McClintock’s answer: “If they pay taxes, they will just pass it on to the customers.” These same corporations are paying billions in taxes to Europe, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria, and not a dime to the USA, when we are at the edge of collapse? The middle class pays more taxes than GE, J&J, Bank of America and four of the major oil companies together. Think about that. Seven corporations with “record-breaking profits” paid less money in taxes than you. On top of that, these “richest corporations” were paid “subsidies” of over $300 billion. So why is McClintock fighting for them to keep their money and even get more? None of the oil companies passed that money back to their customers — just go to the gas station. Dink Lane, Garden Valley