Costco bad for small biz

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There have been recent talks about a Costco coming to our beautiful town of Auburn. If I think from the perspective of a layman, it sounds very exciting, and for a lot of people it would mean “convenience.” But, every coin has two sides, and I am here to make everyone aware of the other side. My parents own a small business, and from our personal experience we know these big enterprises hurt the small businesses big time, and we all know what happened to 84 Lumber when Home Depot came to this town. Costco coming here would run a lot of small businesses out of business. I am not against growth, but if it is based on hurting others it is not worth it. And, moreover, Auburn is a historical town. Our history not only lies in the historical buildings in downtown, but also these small family owned stores, which have been here forever. By bringing in big businesses we are destroying the history of Auburn. Is this all really worth it? KANIKA NARULA, student,