Costco used in bait-and-switch proposal

Reader Input
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Our family lives adjacent to the proposed Bohemia retail big box store site. We have lived in this quiet neighborhood for over 15 years. I’d like to ask the Placer County Planning Commission a very important question: Where in Auburn, or in the surrounding communities for that matter, is there an entrance to a major shopping center that goes right through an established neighborhood? Even with all the new building in Roseville I cannot think of any entrances to major stores through established neighborhoods. The planning commission must think about the impact this thoroughfare will have on the families that live in the area. I would also like to say that I believe the building on this site is a bait-and-switch proposal. I believe the landowner is saying Costco because many Auburnites would love a Costco. However, I do not believe a Costco will come in. The commission should consider our safety in this matter and not allow an entrance that goes through a neighborhood. Nancie Goodnough, Auburn