Costs are already too high -- No on Measure D

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I?ve been an Ophir resident for about 40 years and don?t usually complain much about most things locally and/or nationally, but I think it?s time to have a reality check. To start with how about Measure ?D? the $20 to $40 direct increase to provide fire protection for North Auburn-Ophir. Doesn?t anybody remember the $48 charge that was supposed to have been voted on a number of years ago; oh yes, there was no sunset date on that measure; we are still paying for it. Now this new assessment will be another never ending cost on top of what we in the affected area pay for protection through our general taxes and how about the possible $150 assessment that our illustrious Governor might assess you for being rural not to mention what you pay for insurance which is a mandated cost if you have a mortgage (mostly for fire). How many more layers will they come up with? I?m sure we could use high speed rail between Newcastle and Penryn or maybe a giant playground for a basketball team that doesn?t care about you at all: be prepared, someone is gong to ask you to vote ion it! We have a number of dedicated members in the fire protection service working for us and I might add pretty well paid; how about doing the job you are paid to do and get your hand out of my pocket (I?m referring mainly to the administrative group - overhead). If it?s necessary sit down with the public and negotiate; not through a never ending ballot measure. Newcastle is already trying to change what they?ve done! How many times do we have to be kicked in the head by a mule before we realize something is wrong with this picture! I am saying down the road things can change. Look what a check mark in the ballot has done for our State and National financial system. We are broke! I would be interested in knowing if anyone has ever seen a bad politically motivated decision that has been reversed? I think it might be time to consider Micro Managing the junk that comes from our so-called leaders. As I recall it is written somewhere that ?we the people? have the ability to change things and don?t have to be ruled by minorities and politicians; from what I see most of what comes from these folks will end up being a detriment and is self serving. I would suggest a ?NO? vote until this Measure is either rewritten or looked at differently with an explanation of the real and complete costs, open budget and a sunset date for an additional review later down the road and I don?t mean 145 years down the road like Prop. 29! JACK LUCAS, Ophir