Could Jack Abramoff help out Colfax?

Reader Input
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Instead of defaming (Colfax City) Manager (Bruce) Kranz and (former) Rep. (John) Doolittle, we should thank them for the opportunity to preside over the success of Colfax. With Doolittle’s contacts, perhaps the duo could recruit (spring) another influential politician: Jack Abramoff, ex-lobbyist, to work for Indian affairs! The trio could now lobby for a Colfax Casino, which would allow the Colfax tribe to not only purchase their own cemetery and maintain it, but elevate themselves to the same status as Auburn United Indian Communities or the Wintun Band (is that the band the newspaper cartoon referred to?) with the attendant prosperity for not only the band, but the entire Colfax community. By the way, the vacant field across the street from Starbucks has all the attributes of a No. 1 location. The casino might also build a new sewer plant and fire station as well, providing employment for the “non-Indian” population who need to get off the unemployment rolls. Truett Neathery, Auburn