Council needs new members

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I’m still waiting to see when Lincoln’s beautification project is going to get started. My eyes are still drawn to the old Rainbow Market and empty parking lot. My husband says I am too optimistic because I’m always hoping to see workers getting ready to make it look beautiful. Again, I ask, “What happened to Lincoln’s project of making our town look more appealing to residents and passersby so they will stop and shop?” I like Safeway but it’s very inconvenient to drive (too far to walk) there every time I need something. Our mayor said not too long ago that he wants to see more businesses and not empty storefronts. Well, let’s get started. In March, I asked, “Why did we pay $22,000 for an Oakland firm to ask 350 people if they were happy with the City Council, police and fire responses?” It was outrageous! Now I am amazed again. While paying my city bill last week, I noticed it goes to Los Angeles! L.A.? What are they doing at that big million-dollar boondoggle on the corner of 6th and F streets? How long have we been outsourcing our city utility bills to L.A.? For years I’ve dropped off my payment at City Hall, thinking “Why waste a stamp when it goes there anyway?” So many questions, still no answers. But there is one thing I am sure of, that is, we need a change of how business is done (or not done) at City Hall and we need new people on our City Council. Nancy Moose, Lincoln