Council wasted city's money

Reader Input
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The city council, for less than meritorious reasons, tried to fix something that was not broke. Kevin Hanley said at a council meeting that there was something the City of Auburn should fear from ?big unions and big corporations? in Sacramento. Being a good politician he never named one evil corporation or union. The ?me too? members of the city council jumped on the Hanley wagon without consideration that they were elected to represent all the citizens of Auburn and to assure that Auburn is managed/run in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations. They were not elected to circumvent the laws. When I attended that council meeting where so many people voiced their opposition to the charter I felt that it was like sitting in on a management meeting where they were trying to devise a scam to find loopholes in the laws without ending up talking to their lawyers by phone through glass windows. Hanley and (Councilman Bill) Kirby, in particular, seemed oblivious or trying to ignore the fact that their intentions were nothing but union busting with some lipstick on it. I do not accuse the present council members of cooking this scheme up for personal gain but I do feel certain that had this succeeded, sometime in the future, personal gain at the expense of Auburn residents would have occurred and/or labor dishonored. The members of the council should reimburse the city for the city?s money they wasted fighting the Vote No people. Daniel Torrey, Auburn