County distributes funds with care

Reader Input
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Once again the subject of the Placer County Board of Supervisors revenue-sharing program has come before the public in a Reader Input (“Stop the misuse of taxpayer money,” June 7). I always appreciate hearing from people when they bring the subject to our attention, particularly when it is made to seem the supervisors who “use” this fund do so for personal gain. I won’t deny there may have been supervisors in the past who misused this fund. However, since its inception as a federal plan to help with community service expenses, the board of supervisors chose to continue the program when federal funding ended as it was so beneficial to county communities. When I was elected to the board of supervisors in 1996, the revenue-sharing fund was $50,000, or $10,000 for each district. As the county population increased we saw the need for additional funds for each district. Since the program worked so well to help benefit our communities, the board decided to increase the amount to the current $20,000 per district. When questioned about how the money was dispensed, we, the board, wrote some recommendations for supervisors to follow. The main gist of the recommendations was that the community was to benefit by funding from the program. Except for a very small number of questionable “donations” over the many years these funds were distributed, the monies went to help community individuals and organizations for the good of all the residents of Placer County. In this most recent letter about the revenue sharing program, the writer suggested supervisors donate to their favorite causes and not use public funds for donations. I can assure all of you that we on the board of supervisors are as inundated as you are with requests for donations to worthy causes but that was not the responsibility of the revenue-sharing program. I, like most people, donated to many “favorite” and special-needs causes, as did my fellow supervisors. There are many, many organizations which need our help and the revenue sharing program is a source of support that helps some of them. Thank you all for the donations that you make to your favorite causes. We cannot get the job done without the support of caring people. Harriet White, retired Placer County supervisor, District 3