County government can’t cut its own

Reader Input
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This is the problem with government at all levels. They just don’t have it in them to cut pay for their brethren — “Placer County provides new salary figures,” (Journal, Jan. 26). The article shows they will pay the new interim director of the Placer County Redevelopment Agency exactly the same salary as his predecessor. Believe me, if they needed to lay off three or four road workers or electricians or clerks or secretaries, they would. This would happen immediately and they wouldn’t hire any back-up. I’ve worked for and seen how big business runs for 38 years; county government is a big business. They just can’t cut when it hurts one of them. So shame on the board of supervisors for being buffaloed into this sham! Believe me ,the old director’s chief assistant could have closed it down. PAUL PIERCY, Colfax