County passage of Winery Ordinance was appreciated

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We are the owners of Lone Buffalo Vineyards, the newest winery in Placer County. We would like to express our appreciation and support for the Placer County Planning Department, the Placer County Agricultural Commission, the Placer County Planning Commission, the Placer County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Jim Holmes and, most especially, Supervisor Bruce Kranz for their assistance and service to both the wineries and the public in recently enacting the Placer County Winery Ordinance. The whole process, while longer than we would have liked, was an outstanding example of how local government is supposed to work in this country. The resulting ordinance, while not perfect, is a fair and equitable compromise between the interests of the public and neighbors of wineries and the wineries’ right to establish and grow their businesses. A special thank you to Supervisor Kranz, whose tireless efforts were instrumental in enacting this much needed ordinance. Phil & Jill Maddux Owners, Lone Buffalo Vineyards Auburn