County pay boost reeks of cronyism

Reader Input
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Congratulations, Mr. Jim Holmes, for your support of a raise for Tamara Uhler (Journal, Feb. 10). You have described and shown “cronyism” at its finest! I’m not sure what you owed Mr. Uhler, but to vote “aye” on a raise for his wife is unconscionable to us, the poor taxpayers. First, the job was illegally filled by you stupes, has been occupied for only six months and she gets a 5 percent raise? At the same time, our police officers and firefighters are asked to take or freeze their wages. Whose job is more important? A hundred grand a year for what? Is there any common sense left in this world? We have supported you in the past, have seen a few minor benefits of your work, but this tops all of the better things you have done. It’s time to have a representative who will listen to the taxpayers and citizens that got them elected, and apply common sense, not paybacks, to the myriad problems of your district. Repaying debts to your cronies on the Placer County Board of Supervisors is not in the better interests of the citizenry. THOMAS BURKE, Auburn