County pay raise too costly

Reader Input
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I believe this is a horrible idea (Re: “Placer supes OK 2 percent raise in 2013 for county workers,” Journal, Aug. 22).
The county allowing this will please many, but do we honestly think it’s good based on our economic situation?
If you think about it, Placer would be spending money it does not have — $3.17 million a year is way too much. Our county will go broke and hit rock bottom.
Once county money is gone to support these raises, what will we do? Lose the jobs we have and not be able to support our families?
Some people may be happy they are getting more money now, but honestly, they will be losing money in the long run. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.
There will be no money left and before we realize it, everyone will be losing jobs, losing their homes and losing their cars.
This county will not last long if this proceeds.
Dayle Covy, student, Rocklin