County pay raises puzzling

Reader Input
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We have taken note of the actions of the Board of Supervisors at the Feb. 9 (meeting) when they voted three-to-one in favor of giving merit raises to several county employees (Journal, Feb. 11). We find this puzzling since we are told that Republicans and Democrats are typically identified as being “conservative” and “liberal,” respectively. Until recently all three of the supes that voted for the raises were registered Republicans until one, (Jim Holmes) reportedly switched to “Independent.” So here we have basically three supposed “conservative” Republicans taking what we see as a very un-conservative action to spend money that the county does not possess and according to the preliminary analysis of next year’s budget, will not possess for some time. We see other letters to the editor claiming corruption and a “good ole boys” system and the evidence seems to bear those accusations out. Our opinion is that if Supervisor (Kirk) Uhler and his wife had any character at all, they would have made the decision to reject the raise that was apparently recommended by D. A. Brad Fenocchio and CEO Tom Miller. We would also like to send our thanks to Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery for the stand that she took in removing the raises from the consent agenda, thereby opening the subject up for discussion and then voting no on the raises. She seems to have a more realistic understanding of the fiscal condition of the county than her colleagues. Roy and Tamra West, Foresthill