County provides new salary figures

Redevelopment deputy director compensation higher than originally reported
By: Journal staff report
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Editor’s note: The Journal received new information Wednesday following its front-page story “County hires $199,000-a-year interim leader to close agency.” The numbers printed in Wednesday’s story were numbers provided by the county. On Wednesday, County CEO Tom Miller presented the Journal with new figures. The Journal will continue to report on this story.

Placer County CEO Tom Miller provided new figures Wednesday in regard to the county’s hiring of a redevelopment director.
On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors approved a one-year contract for Rae James for up to $199,208 including $126,880 in wages and about $72,328 in benefits.
James, the county’s current redevelopment deputy director, was hired to be the agency’s interim director as it shuts down per the California legislature’s approval of closing redevelopment agencies.
James will “oversee the wind down efforts necessary to end redevelopment agency projects and to administer those who will be retained,” Miller was quoted as saying in Wednesday’s Journal.
On Wednesday, Miller said James’ total compensation of $179,849 was lower than what the board approved - $199,208.
Also, Miller clarified that retiring county redevelopment agency program manager Jim LoBue’s total compensation was $179,624.
The Journal reported Wednesday LoBue’s salary was $117,400 in 2011, according to documents received by the county, and his total earnings were $130,492, which included retirement payouts and accrued leave.
That number was provided by county staff to the Journal after a Jan. 12 request for the information. In its request, the Journal asked for a breakdown of annual compensation and benefits. The county provided the $130,492.40 figure as LoBue’s “Total Earnings” Jan. 23.
On Wednesday, Miller provided a more detailed breakdown of LoBue’s and James’ compensation.


Rae James, County Redevelopment Agency director
Contract is for 12 months and can be terminated on two weeks notice, according to Placer County CEO Tom Miller
$126,880 - Wages
$22,480 - PERS (retirement cost)*
$10,657 – Health and medical benefits**
$19,832 – Management benefits
$179,849 – Total

Jim LoBue, retiring, County Redevelopment Agency deputy director
$118,310 – Wages
$29,558 – PERS (retirement cost)*
$14,179 – Health and medical benefits**
$17,577 – Management benefits
$179,624 – Total
* = PERS cost reduction is based on board approval cost shift to employees
** = Medical and health benefits are the same for all county employees based upon health plan selected by employee.