Is the county really looking out for us?

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Our Placer County Community Development Resource Agency has presided over the approval of the Bohemia Wal-Mart project, including a permit for the Wal-Mart monument on Highway 49. • CDRA cites five highly dubious benefits as “overriding considerations” that “outweigh” the many significant adverse effects, which they also cite. • CDRA judges the dangers regarding economy, crime, traffic and air quality to be “significant and unavoidable.” • CDRA claims that a North Auburn Community Impact Analysis is not required. • CDRA approves a project while Caltrans remains “concerned” about the increased traffic volumes on that already troubled area of Highway 49. • CDRA approves a project without the necessary agreements with the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, and the fire department/Cal Fire, and the water agency . After 20 months, most of our Alliance (Alliance for the Protection of the Auburn Community Environment) members are, only now, learning about Placer County business practices. We once naively thought that our county officials were looking out for us. Nonetheless, we must now examine, more deeply, CDRA’s chain of logic that led the Planning Commission to approve this project. Lee Lively, Auburn