County supervisors so out of touch

Reader Input
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I notice our sheriff’s deputies are unwilling to accept the pay cuts that the county is asking of them. I have found that workers are more willing to accept hardships if they believe that managers are also carrying a share of the burden, just as in the army a good commander will never ask his troops to do anything he would not readily do himself. But in Placer County, we see that County Exec Tom Miller (who is asking the deputies to take the cuts) and other top managers have just received a 5 percent increase to their $200,000-plus salaries. No hardship there. This is the same Tom Miller who provided a $10,000 private jet at taxpayer expense so Supervisor Rocky Rockholm could come home early from his vacation. I doubt if County Supervisor Kirk Uhler will be experiencing any hardships either – not since his wife has taken a $100,000 a year job with the same county for a job that was previously not filled, not advertised, and which she did not have to compete for. In contrast, I just read that the city manager for the City of Palo Alto has volunteered to take a 5 percent pay reduction. Interestingly, that city met with no real opposition when they asked their police force to take some salary reductions. Would that Placer County had some top managers like that, who were more in touch with the needs and hardships of their workers and citizens. WILLIAM SMYTHE, Auburn