County wants in on recycle cash

Reader Input
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For as long as I have lived in Colfax we have had the pleasure of recycling old motor oil. The service also includes a drain container that helps to avoid spillage and disposal of automotive by-products. The town of Colfax and surrounding communities line up on Saturday morning and disposes of oil and other liquids, doing our part to recycle. The City of Colfax had built a small shed and staffed it with Donna Walker with a small grant. Now comes the County of Placer with a recycle fee that takes one-third of the annual budget. A fee for doing what? The waste oil collected is picked up by a company that recycles it and Placer County wants to get paid for it, too. For more than 10 years we have been inundated with every media to recycle used motor oil and now the wisdom of Placer County will take this away from our community. As would happen, Ms. Walker sent a letter to interim city manager, Bruce Kranz, asking for the city’s help. Mr. Kranz forwarded it on to some black hole. Ms. Walker has earned the admiration of our community for her tireless recycle efforts and this writer thinks that unfortunately the only recycling that is being done is Bruce Kranz. Something needs to be done. That’s my opinion. Richard Miller, Colfax