County workers averted crisis

Reader Input
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We would like to express our appreciation to Darrell Hendricks and the crew at the County of Placer, Department of Facility Services, Utility Division. We called on a Thursday expressing concern that our backyard was slowly filling up with water (and we have no irrigation lines). An individual came out that evening within an hour, and the next day, a group from the department came out along with Mr. Hendricks. They quickly ruled out any county or hazardous issues and took the time to discover the real problem. After Mr. Hendricks made a few phone calls, the water stopped. Their time and perseverance saved us a lot of grief, possible problems with the party who did have a broken water line and headaches in trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do. He promised to follow up and make sure things were taken care of and he did. We should be thankful we have these professionals working for our county service departments. Thank you to everyone involved. Felecia Bowers, Auburn