County's error again colossal

Reader Input
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Re: ?600 jurors summoned for duty in error,? (Journal, June 6): What a shame that the Placer County Courts haven?t been able to remedy the error of calling hundreds (in May it was 1,200) of jurors in for jury duty by mistake. One might think that after the colossal error in May that those in county government who oversee the jury system could have fixed this problem in a two-month time span. I guess this is yet another glaring example of incompetent county employees. The incompetence borders on hilarious if you were not one of the hundreds of unfortunates who had their day disrupted by ?a human clerical error.? Does the county plan to reprimand the person who caused this? And, does the county plan to reimburse those who had to miss a workday at a loss of pay? I seriously doubt it. Our tax dollars at work! Donna McCloskey, Auburn