Court rule not endorsement

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A note to those either for or against the recent Supreme Court decision. The Court did not endorse Obamacare. 

They did not say it was a good bill or bad bill. They simply did what they were supposed to: determine if it was legal or not and said it was, since it was a tax. That is not an endorsement, which is what some are now saying. 

It’s the the President and his cronies who misled the congress and the people in the first place and it’s the congress that did not do its job. 

Congress did not write it and went ahead and passed it without even reading it and that includes some Republicans. 

And now, the President is making laws and the congress continues to fiddle around and do nothing. So they held Holder in contempt. So what? Is that going to change anything? 

The Dems in congress who walked out of that vote showed their disdain for the constitution and the American people and the White House and its cronies continue to thumb their noses at the congress and the American people. 

Our only recourse is to vote all of them out of office.

Marcia Winborne-Graven, Lake of the Pines