Courts will undo sordid Bohemia mess

Reader Input
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While the planning commission’s approval of the Bohemia Environmental Impact Report was initially disappointing, it is actually good news for opponents (Journal, July 9). The decision proves to me that some commissioners were under enormous pressure to vote approval so that an appeal will go to the board of supervisors prior to Rocky Rockholm’s exit. In their haste, the commission voted to approve a document with serious flaws, as it fails to adequately consider the thoughtful input of citizens as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. Those flaws guarantee that the Bohemia project will lose in the courts. I expect that an appeal before the supervisors will result in a vote similar to that of the planning commission. Every supervisor (with the exception of Jennifer Montgomery) has taken campaign money from the developer, and certain supervisors have (or had) direct or family business interests in another company (connected to) the developer. Perhaps some supervisors will cast votes that are just barely legal, but the appearance of conflict of interest will be unavoidable. The courts will undo this sordid mess. The developer probably thinks he has pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Instead, like the cartoon character, he gets a roaring lion in his face. Thanks, Placer County Planning Commission! Robert Bartley, Auburn