Crazy ’bout a sharp eyed man

Reader Input
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In response to George Simmons’ letter to the editor, “How can driver see over dash?,” Journal, Dec. 21: With the holidays literally upon us, I can’t enjoy them knowing that I caused someone distress of any kind. Of course the picture was posed … I was parked in an uphill slant. I was bent over so I would see to put my key in the ignition and the photographer’s angle increased the illusion that I couldn’t see over the dash. When I sit up straight, engine on and am buckled up, rest assured all you little people and animals, I can see very well over the steering wheel, thank you! With an eye as sharp as yours, would you like to become a volunteer driver for Seniors First? We can use you. If so, call Seniors First, (530) 889-9500. Betty Powell, Auburn