Create jobs to repair infrastructure

Reader Input
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First: I get a chuckle every time I read something from Ted Gaines. Ted, you flunked economics. The dollar value of the national debt has absolutely nothing to do with the level of employment. If the dollar value of the national debt were suddenly $0.00 today, jobs wouldn’t be created. Second: Thank you, Joe Nicosia (Reader Input, Aug. 18). Repeating the same failed fiscal policies of the last three Republican presidents would be insanity. Third: Unemployment is high because corporations have outsourced 7 million jobs in the last three years. Jobs are outsourced because corporations need tax loopholes that improve their bottom line. The tax code is broken. Fourth: Without money in circulation (i.e., wages), there is no demand for products. Without demand for products, there is no need to hire. With no one being hired, there is no money in circulation. Fifth: Just like parents creating jobs for their kids to keep them busy (e.g., washing dishes, taking out the garbage, or cleaning their rooms) to teach them responsibility, give them their own sense of worth and paying them so they learn the value of money, now is the time for our Uncle to create jobs like building and repairing our nation’s infrastructure. Gary L. Vogt, Auburn