Crime overemphasis unnecessary

Reader Input
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The Auburn Journal devotes so much space to the various crimes that occur in our community. From a group of antisocial adolescents who thoughtlessly threw dangerous objects off a bridge to the various sex crimes that seem to occur on a daily basis, this newspaper seems to think that we want to constantly have our noses rubbed in it. We don’t! I happen to know a lot of people in Auburn, both young and old, and they are mostly just fantastic. There is always a fringe of society that does not fit, that preys on the weak or naive, that seeks advantage over their fellow man at their expense. And a small article somewhere inside the paper would be all right simply to keep us informed. Those three kids (by the way) acted in a manner that stretches our imagination. I was once a teenager and I did some antisocial things I am not especially proud of. It’s part of being a teenager, I guess. Fortunately, it was never anything as destructive as what they did, but I do question a minister asking that they “be made an example.” Isn’t forgiveness the first and most important quality of being a true Christian? They need to make amends and then bring them back into society, hopefully much wiser for their ordeal and their actions. Tony Hallas, Foresthill