Crosswalk near elementary school concerns some

County public works to address street parking
By: Amber Marra, Journal Staff Writer
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A crosswalk near Rock Creek Elementary that crosses Education Street has some concerned due to the amount of traffic on the road.

Neil Lohner's daughter, Destiny, is in the fifth grade at Rock Creek Elementary. He walks her to school everyday using the crosswalk and said he's almost been hit there more than 40 times.

"People just fly through there," he said.

The crosswalk goes across Education Street to the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital parking lot. A crossing guard is stationed at the crosswalk when students come to school and when they are dismissed.

The speed limit in the area is 25 miles per hour and signs that detect speed are stationed on either side of the crosswalk.

Lohner said this isn't enough.

"They have a crosswalk lady that goes there and waves people by, but half the time they don't care. You can stand in the crosswalk and, I ain't kidding you, have four, five cars just keep going," Lohner said.

Ideally, he would like to see a stop sign installed there, but Stephanie Holloway, associate civil engineer who runs the traffic safety program in the Placer County Department of Public Works, said that might do more harm than good.

The curb will be painted red along Education Street so drivers can't park there anymore, according to Holloway. That way, traffic should be minimized some.

"For 99 percent of the day pedestrians are not present and people will get used to thinking they're stopping for no reason, which can end up being a detriment," Holloway said. "If there is no eminent reason to stop, they'll roll through and that can be a detriment if there is a child."

Holloway said she met with Suzanne Flint, principal at Rock Creek Elementary, and said the traffic pattern in the area will continue to be monitored in case limiting street parking is ineffective.

"We are by no means putting this on the shelf," Holloway said.

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