Cultivate individuality

Reader Input
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There are ways of leading a simple life without needless distractions. Things which cause us to go astray from true individual freedom of thought must be dismissed. Isolation into computers and video games is hindering our creativity. These things shackle our natural inclinations. They are also undermining and limiting our future expectations of socio-economic growth and self-expression. When we put these things aside, and read a book, write poetry, paint or play a musical instrument, we regain control of our individuality. We need to discard any type of intrusion which may undermine our ability to think for ourselves. And we can do this, by rejecting anything which is a threat to our natural existence. Non-conformity is something we need to rethink, so as not to become slaves to someone else’s idea of living. No one can influence you, unless you allow them to. And when you place yourself at the mercy of technological impediments, you replace individual liberty with a monitoring police-state mentality. However, the people have the power to thrust off this Big Brother menace: turn it off! Or pull the plug! ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn