A cuppa joe, the Journal and thou

Reader Input
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How much do you love your coffee? It’s great to enjoy a cup or so of joe in the morning while reading the Auburn Journal. Recently I did a little research on the cost of coffee. When you stop by your local restaurant your senior coffee will cost you 2 bucks or more (75 cents at Burger King, more at Starbucks). I understand that all business must make a profit, however my research has found that the average restaurant brews 50 to 55 cups of coffee per pound. At 50 cups per pound that’s a $100 per pound gross profit, not bad, possibly more. So 2 bucks for a cup or two of coffee, a buck tip, pretty expensive for coffee and that’s one trip to the coffee shop. In contrast, gourmet coffee at home is about 12 cents per cup. Something to think about. Burger King and McDonald’s are looking better every day for a cup of joe. Bill Carpenter, Sr., Auburn