Curb unions for greater good

Reader Input
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According to a study written about by the Orange County Register, and published by the Auburn Journal on Oct. 17, the average salary of unionized California government workers is $70,777. Since the average income of private sector taxpayers is around $48,000, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the difference, times the number of government employees, comes to around $30 billion, far more than enough to take care of California’s fiscal problems. Today, under Gov. Jerry Brown, reckless state spending has outpaced the tax base, yet Brown wants to increase taxes, further eroding the tax base, in order to maintain this unconscionable charade. It won’t work. If Brown really wanted to do what’s best for California, he would dump the unions and return government pay to market levels. The problem would disappear and no one would lose their job. In the final analysis, it is the unions against the taxpayers. They must be curbed. FRED COLBURN, Meadow Vista