Cure for an inside job

Reader Input
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The solution: We disguise ourselves as stockbrokers, oil barons and lobbyists for the health insurance industry (that made U.S. health care the most expensive on earth) and for fat defense contractors (that produced the highest pork barrel defense budget on earth — eight times higher than second-place China with a billion people). We’ll do this to entice our targets (leaders of the tea party) who will think we’re their friends as we wine and dine them and take them on an all-expense-paid junket to Massachusetts. We’ll laugh and joke with them about how we convinced many Americans that the problem is workers’ pensions, welfare mothers, illegal aliens and expensive useless budget items like education and Medicare. We’ll take them on a boat ride in Boston Harbor and dump them overboard. This would serve as a publicity stunt to advertise the award-winning documentary, “Inside Job,” which explains exactly how the current mess actually went down. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn