Curious about those contrails?

Reader Input
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What a beautiful Saturday and Sunday we had. Except, when I looked up, I observed our deep blue skies being obscured by “chemtrails.” Years ago, we had “contrails,” or condensation trails made up of water vapor that evaporated within minutes after leaving large jets. Now we see “chemtrails” that come from only some of the jets. These jets leave the familiar white trail across the sky, except these last all day, and then spread out until they obscure much of the beautiful blue skies we used to enjoy, and we are left with a gray, whitish haze. Many countries, Germany, Great Britain and Australia, have analyzed rainwater samples after heavy spraying and have found from 600 to 8,000 times the safe levels of barium, strontium, arsenic, zinc, boron and aluminum in the trails. These chemicals are not normally found in jet fuel. Photos show that these trails emanate not from the jet exhaust, but from nozzles under the wings intermittently turned on. Our government refuses to investigate or to disclose what is being sprayed, but knowledgeable scientists have speculated that it is for climate control, and to reflect more sunlight back into the atmosphere to reduce the impact of man-caused climate changes. Next time, take a look when you see these white contrails scattering across the sky. Joe Marman, Auburn