Cut corporate welfare, not Amtrak

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No thanks at all to representative Tom McClintock for voting Feb. 18 in favor of the Sessions amendment to shut down Amtrak. This was a vote against the interest of the people of his district, many of whom benefit from the Amtrak Capitol Corridor. If McClintock were honestly interested in cutting wasteful federal spending, he could do at least these three things: 1. Require commercial airlines to pay the multi-billion dollar cost of air traffic control services provided them free by taxpayers through the FAA. (This would create a free market in which railroads could compete without need for subsidy.) 2. End taxpayer giveaways to highly profitable oil companies. 3. End other forms of corporate welfare, including the phony subsidies paid to multi- national corporate farmers. Instead of symbolic posturing, a sincere effort to end crypto-socialism and eliminate real waste would be appreciated, Congressman. Laurance Smith, Newcastle