Cut debt, not just the deficit

Reader Input
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As a fiscal conservative, I believe that one of the most appalling menaces to which succeeding generations will be subjected is the gigantic debt being accrued by all levels of government. These mounting debts are the result of excessive deficits incurred by wanton spending and frivolous commitments of feckless politicians and bureaucrats. As an idealistic pragmatist, I am willing to accept temporary tax increases to accompany real decreases in government spending if the result were not mere deficit reduction, but actual debt reduction. I would even support temporary tax increases accompanied by real decreases in government spending. As a political critic, I expect any arrangement that would purport to include temporary tax increases and decreased spending would degenerate into permanent tax increases and abrogated spending decreases. As a functional pragmatist, I would accept temporary tax increases to accelerate debt reduction only after meaningful spending cuts and outrageous commitments were implemented. DAN SOKOL, Auburn