Cut legislators’ pay and benefits first

Reader Input
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Hats off to the Journal for (mostly) hitting the nail on the head in “State’s cutting muscle, not fat” (Our View, June 14). The simple fact is that Arnold and the shysters in Sacramento know that any decent human being will wince at the thought of those who really do need help losing their funding, and that is why they are attacking them. I guarantee that there is an underlying assumption that people will not want the truly reliant to hurt, and will say “I’ll pay more.” Just look at the comments by Marian Ashe in the June 16 Reader Input: (“... solution that includes new revenues”). The place to start cuts, as the Journal aptly points out, are the legislators and their appointees. If you want to serve the public, then do it, if you want money, then go into the marketplace. Off the top of my head I would eliminate stipends, require personal auto use (heck everybody else has to drive to work), disband unnecessary state boards, set legislator’s salaries to be minimum wage plus COLA, limit aides/staff to the minimum required. Also, if there is no balanced budget, the legislators get no pay. Phil Cox, Auburn