Cut pensions to help others

Reader Input
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When is Placer County going to wise up about these inflated salaries and pensions? In this dismal economy, they reduce benefits for the poor and lay off workers but they won’t reduce expensive retirements. They overlook the bigger picture or refuse to. Their priorities are wrong! These huge benefits should be reduced as a means of savings. This money could be better used toward helping the poor. These large pensions don’t help them and should be curtailed. A decrease is warranted for the sake of the greater good. Do you get it? It shouldn’t be just about you, but for all the people as a collective whole. It’s time we all put away our selfishness and sacrifice for others in greater need. Does any of this register in our narrow-minded thinking? It’s not about you; it’s about we – together in this society. Placer County can do right by the people by demanding these benefits be greatly reduced. The question is: Do you have the guts to do so? Think! ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn