Cut taxes for middle class

Reader Input
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I’d like to ask Nilda Duffek, (Reader Input, Nov. 29), where are the jobs these “upper-income folks” were supposed to create with the huge tax cuts they’ve been getting for the past eight years? Why are so many small businesses going under if these “upper-income folks” have money from their tax cuts to “patronize” them? History has shown tax cuts for the wealthy 1 percent do not stimulate the economy because they find ways to shelter tax cuts, not spend them. In an economy with high unemployment, the most effective means of stimulating is to extend unemployment benefits and give tax cuts to middle-income earners, because that’s real money they spend in their communities for basic necessities. Their spending creates demand for goods and services which stimulates hiring, rather than buying yachts, diamonds or trading stock derivatives. Unless you’re a millionaire, Nilda, I’d think you’d support tax cuts for the middle class, or else thank the Republicans in Congress for holding the American people hostage, while they insist the top 1 percent need their tax cuts, never mind that it will explode the deficit by trillions! Leslye Janusz, Auburn