Cutting Peer Court will cost, not save

Reader Input
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Three weeks ago the decision was made to cut 100 percent of the contribution set aside to fund the Placer County Peer Court program. This program has had a much-needed involvement in the Placer County community since 1991 and it pains me to see that the county would even consider cutting the funds for this useful and efficient program. Peer Court is vital, not only for the juvenile offenders and many juvenile volunteers involved in the program, but for the money that it saves. Doesn’t $470 a kid sound like a good deal compared to the average $4,000 it takes to put a juvenile through the regular justice system? I would also have to ask you what planet you are from if you think the cut will save the county any money. According to a recent article in, if the program were to keep one juvenile out of the California Youth Authority each year (which is most definitely does), the program would pay for itself. I understand that we are in a budget crunch. The county would like to save taxpayer dollars, but consider how happy the taxpayers will be when they find out that more money will need to be allocated to probation to handle these cases than would ever had been needed to fund Peer Court. We cannot afford to regress to the days where juvenile offenders go without punishment for their unlawful behavior. I would ask that you please visit this issue and put some pressure on the Board of Supervisors to do the same. Emily Edris, Auburn