Cycling brings mostly positives

Reader Input
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I am trying to figure out if the letter from Gary Hall of GHH Engineering (Reader Input, Oct. 12) regarding cyclists on Mt. Vernon Road is his actual belief or if he is trying to make a joke of this controversy. If it is for real, I am embarrassed for him and all employees of GHH Engineering. I highly doubt that his letter is going to endear his clients or bring in new ones. It is a highly insulting letter. I think Gary has the right to his opinion, but I am sure he could have expressed his opinion in a better fashion. Most serious cyclists do not hang up there bikes in the winter and get fat. There are many great winter days for road cycling and on the cold or wet days we ride our mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes or ride indoors on a trainer. Most of these cyclists are highly intelligent with college degrees. Many are even engineers! It is a very rare cyclist that descends at 60 mph. That very small percentage of cyclists who cross the yellow line are endangering themselves a lot more than the motorist coming from the other direction. Like it or not, the roads are built for everyone, and we all need to do our part to not negatively impact the other. Most cyclists and motorists respect other users. There is a small minority of cyclists and motorists who are selfish, and these folks need to be educated. I’ll bet there are a few folks that drive their Harleys, Porsches, vintage cars, etc. too fast and cross the yellow lines, as well. Keep in mind that serious road cyclists do not care about fog lines or bike lanes. They are looking for challenging and beautiful roads with less traffic. The Placer County area is a prime area for cycling and we should promote it. It is good for our local economy since many of these cyclists spend their money at our local bike shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. Keith Kenworthy, Auburn