Cyclists not exempt from basic courtesy

Reader Input
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Re: “Cyclists, residents debate courtesy on roads,” Journal, Sept. 19: As a surveyor I frequently must be on county roads. Saturday while on Mount Vernon Road near Mount Pleasant Road I was using an electronic locator to find a buried survey monument. I was facing traffic and about three feet into the roadway in an orange vest and obliging by common rules. A bicyclist approached coming up the hill and yelled “Get out of way, I’m coming through.” I lifted the locator across my chest and stood still. He had to veer toward the center of the road a few feet to avoid a collision with me. After passing me he shouted “dumb f...” and made an obscene gesture. I simply asked “Do you want me to get in my car and drive you off the road?” No response. Keep in mind until age took its toll, I rode all over this county and obeyed the rules of the road including stopping at stop signs. Maybe some traffic tickets might make the riders more courteous. RALPH MILLER, Auburn