D.C. child-abduction arrest bittersweet case closure for Auburn P.I.

Gumshoe Detective Agency owner says successful sleuthing in 2007 could have closed the case
By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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AUBURN CA - The arrest of international fugitive Robin Resovich on a parental kidnapping warrant was a bittersweet moment for the Auburn private investigator who has been working and following the case for several years. Don Treco of Auburn?s Gumshoe Detective Agency said the Washington, D.C. airport arrest of Robin Resovich, as she returned from Spain with her abducted daughter, came almost five years after authorities let the former Penn Valley woman slip through their grip. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested Resovich at Washington Dulles International Airport July 14, ending an 11-year-old effort to locate the woman on abduction charges. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement that Resovich, 53, arrived on a flight from Madrid, Spain, with a connecting flight to San Francisco. Customs officers determined Resovich was the subject of Los Angeles and FBI warrants for parental kidnapping, arrested her and turned her over to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police for extradition to Southern California. According to the customs agency, Resovich allegedly had permission from the girl?s father in Southern California to take her then- 7-year-old daughter Katiana out of the U.S. for the summer of 2001 ? then never returned her. Their whereabouts were unknown until they arrived at Dulles on July 14, the agency said. Resovich was with her daughter, Katiana Rose Resovich, 18, when she was placed under arrest. Because she is 18, Katiana was not detained, Treco said. Treco said Monday that Resovich could have been taken into custody almost five years ago. Gumshoe had located Resovich in Lake Wildwood at a relative?s home and tailed her Nov. 6, 2007, as she accompanied the man and other family members to San Francisco. Treco said the 160-mile, three-hour tail ended with a dramatic stop by San Francisco Police Department officers in San Francisco in the middle of rush hour. Resovich had worn a disguise to look like her sister and was, in fact, carrying her sister?s purse and ID, he said. ?Despite having a different appearance, including obvious height differences, the SFPD released her because they would not live-scan her fingerprints without what they called ?fresh charges,?? a statement from Gumshoe Detective Agency said. Treco said Resovich continued to live on the run until this month when she emerged with her daughter at the D.C. airport. ?SFPD?s releasing her still causes me great frustration,? Treco said. ?We had a federal fugitive for child abduction in custody and then we watched SFPD let her walk away. Those are the kinds of things you don?t often hear about. This story kept going because of her release in 2007 and we have been working leads ever since.? Customs said the arrest this month illustrates the serious nature of the charges. ?Parental kidnapping is a serious offense that deprives a person of their parental rights,? said Christopher Hess, Port of Washington customs director. ?Regardless of the circumstances, in this arrest warrant, Mrs. Resovich is a wanted person and customs officers are duty bound to return fugitives to justice when we encounter them at our nation?s ports of entry.? Treco said that both FBI special agents on the case and the child?s father observed video footage of the 2007 arrest and confirmed it had been Robin Resovich in custody. The San Francisco Police Department was contacted for a response Monday but had not done so by press deadline.