DC Trooper angel’s actions inspire

Reader Input
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D.C. Troopers is (a group of) eighth grade students, mostly from E.V. Cain, who plan and raise money over approximately a one-year period for an educational as well as fun trip to Washington D.C. It’s not inexpensive, and in these tough times, it’s even more difficult for each student to raise the large sum of money needed. One of the fundraisers we have is car washes – every Saturday at Maidu Market (until the weather prevents it!). The car washes provide the kids a chance to see how hard work can pay off. They get the kids working together and getting to know each other, thus becoming a cohesive group long before they go on the trip. Two Saturdays ago (Sept. 10), however, an amazingly wonderful thing happened to make it even better! A very nice woman stopped by for a car wash. When her car was finished, she rolled down her window and started talking to the kids. “I just want to tell you all that you are doing a fantastic job,” she said. “Keep it up. Visualize your goals. Visualize how much money you need to raise, and see yourself with that amount of money. Visualize the parking lot filled with cars. You can do it. Don’t lose sight of your goal. I’d like to donate $200 to your group to help you out.” We cheered and thanked her and the adults got teary. The next thing we knew, we had a line-up of cars, and we were busier than ever! We appreciate any little bit people will donate, $1, $4 – anything at all. But, her donation was so unexpected, unsolicited and inspiring – I can’t imagine any of our kids not reaching their goal. It was the most successful car wash we had had so far. We would like to thank this lovely angel for a gift that meant much more than simply the dollar value of it. What a kind, thoughtful, gracious and inspired gesture. We will keep your message in our hearts and our goal in our minds. Thank you, D.C. Trooper Angel! And a huge thank you as well to Maidu Market for graciously letting us use their parking lot and water every Saturday. What a great community we are a part of. Lynn Gehlbach, Auburn; D.C. Troopers 2012