Death panels good for taxes

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George Horan’s letter “Put government on a strict diet” (Reader Input, Dec. 22) elicits a response from me. I might agree with George or I might not, depending on what he means by “government.” As I see it, we get the government we vote for. As I see it, the enemy is us. I’m 78 years old and experienced my share of coddled employers in my 35 years on the job, the defense industry being a good example. And then there’s the coddling of us old folks. I’ve been on the Social Security and Medicare bandwagon now for 13 years. I love it. What’s not to like? But I’m getting all this non-means-tested coddling at the expense of all the young folks. I might well be wrong but I suspect George either took part in or has a great deal of sympathy for the Tea Party movement. Now it seems to me that movement was almost born during the great Obamacare debate. Those folks came out and raged about “death panels,” for example. Well, I think we need “death panels.” I think we need “death panels” to address not only how our tax dollars should be prioritized under Medicare, but how our tax dollars should be spent throughout our over-coddled establishment. The bottom line is that we are all slurping at the pig trough. Until we have the honesty and the wisdom to see that, we can rage at “Big Government” to our heart’s content but it ain’t going to do no good (bad English intended). HOWARD WILLIAMS, Cool