Death penalty losing support

Reader Input
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I have done a survey at Placer High School. I interviewed 10 teachers and 10 students about the death penalty, with simple questions like, “Do you believe in the death penalty?” or “What would you vote for?” I am trying to figure out if the tipping scale will go to the abolishment of the penalty. What I found is that eight out of 10 students would vote against the death penalty while six out of the 10 teachers would vote to abolish the death penalty. The numbers on the teachers’ side actually used to be high for support of the death penalty back in their young years but as years have passed by, people are getting the truth, not just the justifications. One teacher told me once, “As I got older, I got wiser and I’m leaning more to abolishing the death penalty.” I believe, that with time, people will start to be good and finally get rid of an unused system of “cruel and unusual” punishment. Victor Monjaras, Newcastle